About Me

If I had to choose love over and over again, I would. It's free, it’s me! I’ve learned to appreciate all of how I am, the good, the bad, the parts that’s misunderstood, how I handle moment to moment experiences and the Ugly! I am present in this, I rejoice in this. I’ve learned the cravings of emotional love… From wanting to be touched or held, played with or played in… At times I want to be read to and other times I want to read to someone. No matter how I feel, No matter how I express love, I believe in it, because it's coming from me. I created Sundays Are For Lovers for those who feel all things, and those who know no topic is untouchable because we've all been there. This is for those who are fans of love and romance like I am... This is for those who are in it and for those who want to be. Most importantly, this is for me. Sundays Are definitely For Lovers, but everyday is for self love.

-Ebony | Amournoir